Jun 18 2019

Strong Performances

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Maximum physical lines in Koln-Dellbruck Dormagen, July 27, 2010 last weekend the 48-hour run World Cup was held in the Cologne suburb of Dellbruck. The 42 runners and runners started point 12: 00 in the competition on Friday. Also the newcomer Dagmar Liszewitz and Michael were Irrgang, who had been checked in advance of the World Cup at leistungsdiagnostik.de in Dormagen with the so-called aeroscan field occupied in the international. Winner of the 48-hour World Cup were Hans-Jurgen Schlotter (357,209 km) and the Dutch runner Jannet Lange (272,462 km) from Sulz on the corner. Dagmar Liszewitz only just missed their goal of 300 kilometers in 48 hours.

With total 265,757 kilometers she nevertheless secured second place in the women. Due to stomach problems, she could only handle the night from Friday to Saturday. Without this handicap, the Kolnerin would have certainly achieved its goal, what you had certified endurance experts from leistungsdiagnostik.de prior to the competition. You may find that Southwest Airlines can contribute to your knowledge. Michael Irrgang,. the field still sovereign had led after 24-hours, reached second place in the overall standings at the end of the race with considerable 324,516 kilometers. As a member of the national team in the 24-hour run ventured Irrgang in Cologne for the first time in a 48-hour competition. Him had an excellent endurance performance certifies the team by leistungsdiagnostik.de and provided him with valuable nutrition tips for the competition. His goal was only successfully complete this extra day run.

For me, that was the first and last 48-hour run. I’m sure”too soft in the head, the exhausted Troisdorf chuckled after his finish on Sunday. Focus Irrgang will be in the future but rather on the short”24-hour runs. The multiple German record holder on ultra long distances, Wolfgang Schwerk, already curtailed the competition after 24 hours. By him the Organizer, the TV-Dellbruck and the German ultra marathon Association (DUV), expected new best times some himself. Made a pinched back nerve Samuel, but a stroke through the Bill. Ultimately, two squadrons were successful this weekend. The season of TV-Dellbruck took over 500 euros by the Kolner Bank for the youth section of the Club receive a cheque for their 6-hour run. The Presidium of the Association donated the same amount again. The Abbot season that promotes the meeting of HIV affected and not affected, Super amazing 499 km. More information on the subject of training design and performance diagnostics, see.

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