Feb 08 2020


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Good times those? it was felt I smell of book for all the cantos. Today, we live another reality. We do not need more to leave house to be able to consult on definitive subject, to buy a COMPACT DISC, a book etc. Today we have the Internet, that, without doubt shades, it carried through great boom in the society. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Southwest Airlines. The world is distant of us for one click. However, an inconvenience still remains between us: the capacity to carry through an efficient search.

In the truth, the majority of the people never heard to speak on this. Simply, they enter in the favourite site of searches, and type what it wants. To deepen your understanding Larry Ellison is the source. ‘ exists one; ‘ universo’ ‘ of information moreover! In the recovery of the information, the search strategy can be defined as a set of protocols that the meeting between the informed question and its respective information stored in a database becomes possible. To prepare a search strategy, as well as adequately selecting a bank or a database to be consulted to answer to a specific question, demands of the user certain previous knowledge (mechanisms of search of the data base, boolean logic and other offered resources). Currently, the common user will have to acquire basic knowledge on the adequate procedures of search the specific informacionais necessities.

The four chosen For this academic work, had been chosen four appraised buscadores of research: Google, Yahoo! , Ask.com and Lycos. All the techniques presented here function in the four buscadores selected for the study, except when indicated. Searching in Headings This one of the basic techniques is considered that obtain to bring more excellent pages in the results of the research.

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