Oct 07 2018

State Park Resources

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The APA Capivari – Monos is managed by the City hall of the City of So Paulo (PMSP), through the City department of the Green and Environment (SVMA) and a Managing Advice formed by members of the civil society in accordance with legislao2. Unit of Conservation of sustainable use is called, in which economic exploration of its resources in allied sustainable way to the ambient conservation is allowed. According to estimate of the City department of the Green and Environment (2001), they live about sixty and five a thousand people in the interior of the APA, and this region possesss one of the lesser Indices of Desenvolvimento Humano (IDH) of municpio3, where serious basic infrastructure problems still meet and offer of services. Beyond sheltering in its total area three aboriginal villages, with about eight hundred and fifty inhabitants. With the creation of this APA, was carried through a geo zoning? ambient or economic – ecological, that the area for the handling mapeou sustainable of the existing resources, and one of the mapeadas areas it was identified as Zone of Historical Interest Turstico and Cultual (ZIHTC), that is: limits inside of the APA where the tourist activity could be explored. In fact, after the accomplishment of this zoning and the evident potential represented for the natural resources, appeared the interest for the development of the tourist activity as a form to use to advantage these existing resources and to use them in sustainable and conscientious way, since a source it the 2 tourism explores Ver Municipal Law n. Oracle might disagree with that approach.

13.136/01? Creation of the APA Capivari? Monos. 4 nature for the economic development. in accordance with the City department of the Green and the Environment (2001), the APA Capivari – Monos has great potential for the development of the tourism, with the presence of diverse waterfalls, crystalline water rivers aboriginal, tracks, farms, tribes, the State Park of the Mountain range of the Sea (Curucutu Nucleus) and the Crater of Colony, formed for the fall of a meteorite it has about thirty and five millions of years.

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