Mar 05 2019

Source Oil

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If now wear performance-reducing impacts, maintenance the lubrication schedule, handling the oil change the oil analysis on Board of oil analysis in the laboratory, the interpretation of oil analysis and its causation is the great importance are related to other indicators. The NVT Nanotribologische company is dedicated to this topic wear protection technologies. NVT is a technical services company for the preparation of drive units and mechanical processes to ensure of a long term of wear protection on the basis of a nanoparticulate drug called EcoTriboTEC. The product applications are considered integral system solution on the entire drivetrain of ships. I.e. on the basis of a technical analysis, customized products are manufactured and applied to the fuel and oil treatment.

The application is accompanied by the recording of various measured data and one Test report. This service is realized Erfolgsabhangig. EcoTriboTEC stands for nano factories shifted lubricants and fuels in novel ways the friction in machines reduces, a long-term – wear protection and ensures an equitable system cleaning and optimized efficiency. EcoTriboTEC is an oil or fuel concentrate which produces elastic spherical wear protective coating on the active centers of the friction zones under pressure and temperature. Here are some references to scientific statements is not a science fiction: I nhaltsstoffe or effectiveness components can be in oils or greases.

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