Apr 06 2020

Social Media Marketing

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Good question. The answer will be defined by several factors, including the antiquity of the site. If the page is newly released, the greatest need is the dissemination and promotion of the site. We should remember that one of the issues that most values Google, for example, in the granting of pagerank (an index through which measured the popularity of a site) is ancient. That is, sites with more seniority are better pagerank. This brings us to a second theme, or better said, observation, in the initial stages of the life of a site, have very few chances to achieve a good positioning in search engines.

How can we remedy this then? If the site is new, the most poignant need is visitors. In later stages, we can refine the aim and try to greater number of visitors to become customers. But at the beginning they are all welcome. But as surely we won’t have a good pagerank, and we can not fall on the visits that we will appear in the natural results of search engines, already at the beginning we will be poorly positioned, we need to find other means to get visits, the number one fuel of the internet pages. Then, in these moments, we can appeal to the online marketing campaigns with the aim that our site becomes known among users of the niche that we aspire to conquer.

Then the question arises whether the advertising campaigns on the internet could help to achieve better positioning in search engines. The answer is Yes. Everything that contributes to increase traffic, have a positive impact on search engines. But we cannot leave aside the actions of SEO, i.e. of site optimization, to achieve a good positioning in search engines. Supported in online marketing campaigns, the actions of dissemination of the page and the optimization of the site then we can start to climb positions in the pagerank. Once we get a little better traffic flow, everything will be much easier. Through the promotion and presence in social networks (this is called SMM, Social Media Marketing) can begin to position ourselves as referents of our niche. At this stage, must be well pending our Web Analytics, allowing us to know the origin of our visits, where enter to the site, how much time remains, and other data of interest. The plan is to appear first and later position. There are many techniques that can help us improve our target users. A study of desired visitor profile can help refine subsequent actions aimed to increase click through rates. I.e., we first define how is the ideal visitor of our site. Then we started to get it.

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