Mar 13 2020

Small Business Policy

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Association representatives in talks with the Federal Government In the framework of a meeting of the Bureau, the Chairman of the Committee and the Guild master discussed representatives of main color design Bautenschutz middle-class political topics with the middle-class officers of the Federal Government and State Secretary in the Federal Ministry of Economics, Mr Hartmut Schauerte, MDS Central Advisory points were measures to further boost of investment in refurbishment / renovation work and the reduction of indirect labour costs. Secretary Saeed first presented the Federal Government with the reduction of unemployment insurance contributions and the efforts to reduce costs in the health care sector. In addition, he pointed to the CO2 building rehabilitation programme and the tax deduction for handyman services. President Karl-August Siepelmeyer advocated the introduction of a reduced VAT rate on labour-intensive services for the companies of the painting / painters craft. The tax deduction for Handyman services must be expanded for the customers to be attractive, to give legal work in order. In particular in the expansion of the tax bonus, the Secretary of State saw a scope for the future. He stressed the need for fiscal consolidation and prevention of further deficits. Other topics in the discussion were current legislation such as the recording of working hours, the liability of the general contractor for social security contributions and the regulations on the minimum wage.

President Karl-August Siepelmeyer thanked Mr State Secretary Saeed for his dedication to the interests of the middle class. The representatives of the associations will continue the dialogue with the political leaders. Editor: Association color design Bautenschutz Hahn str. 70, 60528 Frankfurt am Main Tel.: 069 / 66575-300, fax: 069 / 66575-350 E-Mail: Web:

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