Jun 05 2019

Several Compelling Reasons

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In our time, uniforms, dresskodov, corporate rules as never became a valued individuality in clothing. Yes, of course, someone might like to walk constantly in the same colors and different from the comrades of the office Only one bite and eye color. But there are not many – most often careerists ready mimicry imposed by the style, not only in the office, but on vacation, but would not stand out from the tight-knit mass of office mates. Now all more and more of a tendency to be gaining momentum in clothing "black sheep". To this we can identify three approaches.

As another option – you can always wear the expensive designer clothes or buy an individual in the studio. Good solution, but the main obstacle on this path will be a lot of money, which will have to spend on clothes. And not that just be a pity to waste rags weighty funds when they can be completely spent, for example, travel. But the fact is that the expensive clothes would not want to go on nature, or simply wander around the city. On the one hand, it would be sorry to cause accidental damage to such things, on the other hand, it would look kind of foppery, and certainly does not add to the popularity among friends.

The second option – to dress brightly, loudly, on the face (and sometimes beyond) taste. Not everyone goes this recipe. Eccentricity – often an innate quality. The man with taste and normally bred in stridently colorful clothes will feel uncomfortable, like an elephant in a tutu.

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