May 23 2016

Secretariat Executive

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Carlos Mora Vanegas the Executive Secretaries play a very relevant role in pro of the collaboration that the Manager carries out its tasks in the most efficient manner that ensures the performance expected for development, the company’s success. For this purpose it is necessary to have a Secretary who in addition to his administrative responsibilities, skills, skills in the exercise of its function have a high reliability with regard to its attitudinal competencies, which been neglected much and they need to be given the necessary care to ensure an excellent role in the modern Executive. Cannot be ignored, that the present shows great economic, trade changes in current scenarios where they operate companies in pro have a proactive participation, which guarantees not only with Gadir of markets, but permanence. All this makes more involving modern enterprise in what should be its resource suitable to guarantee a good performance, productivity and human course, one of the major actors is the Secretariat Executive who should be a good guarantee of aid, cooperation towards the performance of the management. The commitment, involvement of modern management are forcing reesctrucutrar profile of the Executive Secretariat and where when hiring, should be taken into account competences, but especially the attitudinal, and other aspects allowing to select the ideal performance of the charge, in scenarios that are characterised by: the significant importance of knowledge, not only in the field of economicwhere the vitality of productive systems and international competitiveness increasingly rely on technological innovations and concomitant knowledge – but also in all the other socio-cultural areas, leading to consider today’s society as the society of knowledge (Garcia, 1996). The role of communications, the new openness that has generated Internet, computing involved namely delicacy its basic fundamentals that give passage to the handling of tools that facilitate communications and other operations of Office more easily demands that economic and trade systems today require enterprises to be competitive and the way of how to collaborate with management in pro facilitate their performance. If you would like to know more about Philip Vasan, then click here.

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