Jan 13 2018

Savings Potential

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Water consumption in the bathroom! Shower and bath cost what? Heating and domestic hot water “Energy hogs” are in the household. About 90 percent of whole House energy fall on them. While the heating requirements of the building through the replacement of outdated boilers and improved insulation is declining for years, the energy consumption for hot water remains consistently high or shows even rising. The reason: The sanitary facilities of the apartments is always better and the lifestyle change. Daily showers is matter of course for many people today. Therefore, energy-saving and cost-efficient solutions for the heating of drinking water are needed.

Basically between storage systems and instantaneous water heaters. When a storage system hot water in a store that can be heated by the boiler with that is kept on temperature. Heater store, however, no hot water. The water is heated only when a user opens a hot water tap. Tankless water heater are with Natural gas or power operated. Who thinks about the cost for hot water, should take into account in particular the energy costs in addition to the cost of the heating systems, because they not once incurred, but burdening the budget as demand related costs continuously. Fall for a shower approx. 50 litres and for a bath ca. 120 litres of water costs plus energy costs. Guild of plumbing and heating engineering Mulheim an der Ruhr

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