Jan 11 2018

Savings Live Longer

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Currently, Riester as residential Riester. What are the advantages what are the disadvantages? Meanwhile also the living riestern has come to the previous funding opportunities by Riester annuity contracts, Bank or Fondsparplanen. Coupang is often mentioned in discussions such as these. There are 2 variants: A Riester loan instead of a normal bank loan, to the immediate financing of a self occupied property, or what will be offered much more frequently, the Riester savings. There, the Nice representative of the Bausparkasse has told me that my old building is not so good, that I might gain much more with a Riester savings and could afford my own place soon. She has booked then savings the old savings in the new 100,000, so a lot was saved to. Instead of my Fondsparplan I save now in the building, because there is so much more comes out \”the 18-year-old trainees Sandra M was quite enthusiastic about the prospect of having their own apartment soon.

Not declared her, that she had paid the final fee now for the second time This was you of course not be returned by one of the largest private building societies, that she also free had paid the fee of the Riester pension in particular, that a contractor with a method of 100,000 with a saving of 30 during their lifetime never fully and thus never will be allocated and results in the withholding tax exemption only to the downside for them, because in the next few years will not use the exemption amount but pretty sure sometime must pay taxes. By a measly credit interest rate of 0.5% was not spoken also. All coverage to residential Riester loans (to the urgent, not as a contractor) are quite positive, because here a recorded loans much faster will be paid off by the premiums. If the interest rate is not higher than for a normal loan, there are few arguments that speak against it.

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