Aug 12 2020

Safe Temperature

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For the temperature of the onset blistering take the temperature at which the already obtained with expanded clay pellets density 0.95 g/cm3. The maximum possible firing temperature is the temperature of the beginning of melting of the surface of granules. To expand the temperature range of swelling using this technique, as raw clay dusting powder granules of refractory clay, which improves firing temperature and avoid melting of the granules. Expanded clay aggregate has the following features: – Easy and high strength – excellent heat and sound insulation – fire resistance, moisture and frost – acid resistance, chemical inertness; – durability – environmentally friendly, Safe, natural material similar to ceramics – a high ratio quality / price. Application of the most widely used claydite finds as a wall material. In some regions of the wall panels keramsit became the basis for industrial-scale construction.

Especially effective but the application for the wall panels are well expanded lung keramzite gravel marks 300, 400, 500 (for bulk density). Density structurally keramsit insulation for single-wall panels, usually of 900-1100 kg/m3, compressive strength – 5-7,5 MPa. Such concrete in construction performs both carrier and heat-insulating function. In a two-or three-layer wall panels required bearing capacity can provide a layer (or two layers) keramsit structural and heat shield – a layer of macroporous insulation keramsit density 500-600 kg/m3.Teploizolyatsionny macroporous claydite – the lightweight concrete, which can be obtained on this filler. Its density at the minimum cement consumption only a little more bulk density keramzite .Na Leca marks 700, 800 receive structural lightweight concrete with a compressive strength of 20, 30 and 40 MPa are used for the production of slabs and coatings, bridge building, where it is particularly important to reduce the weight of structures.

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