Dec 20 2017

Russian Air Force Mission

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Benedy agent flied in high speed, the modern digital panel of the cabin indicated that already km/h had surpassed the mark of the 2000. The new version of the military aircraft, Mig 29, was the hunting most sophisticated of the imponent Russian Air Force, equipped with missiles of high technology, had the capacity to destroy targets more than the 40 kilometers of distance and to remain imperceptible to any type of radar. Inside of it, still nervous for the mission that finishes to carry through, Benedy obtained to breathe tranquilamente thanks to the typical oxygen mask developed to the military pilots. Thoughtful, it faced through the dark viewfinder connected to the helmet, the photo that fixed in the superior part of the cabin before leaving, where a blond beautiful smiles when holding in the arms its small delicate son. Since that it accepts this mission, has two months, Benedy never more saw the family, it could not never share with them the risk of that profession. Now, finally everything was finished, its objective arrived at the end and had been completed with total success. The covered hand for the gloves of the traditional overalls of flight, it trembled when compressing heavy the stick of the hunting that oscillated due the great acceleration.

The clean and sunny sky allowed to the Benedy the privilege to contemplate the flaring landscape that few in the world had the possibility to witness, was moments made as soon as to feel it the true pleasure to pilot. But, the calmness did not last for much time. Suddenly, the delicious classic music that listened abruptly was interrupted, the agonizing noise of the powerful turbines working of the side of is had again taken account of the interior of the aircraft, seconds later, one strong feminine voice sounded through the phones in its ears. – Alpha Mother for CC06, is in listening? – Here it is CC06, she continues Alpha Mother!

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