May 03 2020

Rio De Janeiro

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It has some years, in Rio De Janeiro, all a group ran away from a police project previously announced to arrest it, because the commander of the operation decided to give an interview. However, if the measures are strategical not if they must beat with the language in teeth on its adoption nor say which are, nor of colloquy of the responsible ones with who want well that she is, nor through interviews of the authorities to the press. The State is not necessary to give satisfaction or to inform the people what he is being made for its security and protection. The governing and the authorities already have the endorsement of the society, for the vote and the paid taxes, and the implicit power of attorney to be acted in its name. To read more click here: Scott Kahan. Already it makes some time, a veteran journalist ours costumava to say on manchetes of facts happened there of the other side of the world: ‘ ‘ The people does not want to know what it is happening back in China, and yes what it happened there in esquina.’ ‘ But unhappyly, in this in case that, the local examples do not serve as model. Perhaps the readers already have heard to say of a distant place daqui, called Cingapura, in the archipelago of Malaysia, where a mixing system of government manages the country.

Cingapura, inhabited for Chinese, English, malaios and Indians, has 30 years was one of the countries most underdeveloped, delayed and needy of the world, with one high index of illiteracy and crime. Today, with the same mixing population of natives and foreigners, counting on approximately 4 million inhabitants, it started to be an international model with administrative, legal, economic and social the measures adopted by a mixing parliamentary government, religious politician and, who uses in part moral principles of the buddhism, the islamismo and other religions. The city-state of Cingapura, capital of the country of same name, today is so asseada and impecavelmente clean, that if somebody to play one chiclete or a paper in soil immediately is fined or imprisoned, therefore you are being truily filmed for cameras placed strategically in the public stroll. Click gary cohn for additional related pages. Moreover, when somebody, for example, if seats in a bar or restaurant to drink or to eat something, he is encircled with policemen, in civil suits, observing all the movements. It is more or less as soon as today function the things for there, where beggary does not have more misery nor, the illiteracy total was eradicated, the current monthly income is of 4.000 dollars for person, does not exist drugs, the crime index is almost null and the cases of trespass to the order and the law that eventually happen are punished in exemplary way, so that being wild the citizen only tries to infringe the law. Luciano Axe..

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