Aug 02 2017

Religious Formation

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Indoctrination in the educational process the importance of a pujante religious formation can be seen in speaks of Jnior. It declares that ' ' this is the newness in the new millenium: to articulate the different ones you speak on the human being without excluding the religious one or dogmatizar it. To assume the religion as valuable field of knowledge and place of revelation of the cultural potentialities of one povo' '. (2001, P. 56).

However, when commenting the methodology that must be used in the practical one of this disciplines, Jnior is worried that the proselitismo and the indoctrination are prevented. During last the thirty years, the indoctrination has been considered one of the questions more controversas in the area of the Philosophy of the Education. Different ideas have appeared on the subject. According to Stencel (2009, P. 67) the term indoctrination: … belongs to a family of concepts who includes ' ' ensino' ' , ' ' instruo' ' , and ' ' aprendizagem' '. We could say that the indoctrination is any one of some possible methods of education as instruction without questioning, the recitao and the routine learning.

In this context, to teach is to make any thing with the intention to induce people to support points of view in predetermined and unquestioned way. He himself sample that this process can more be seen in the affective domnios, as ' ' moral' ' , ' ' religio' ' ' ' poltica' '. The indoctrination can assume character different if taken in account its content, method and intention. In such a way assuming a negative connotation. With regard to the content, Stencel argues if it will be presented thus he annuls the investigating process or he provokes suppression on the critical evaluation, if becomes harmful the educational process. Any pedagogical boarding in the presentation of a specific content, that will go to affect the intellectual and emotional development of its pupils, can be recognized as indoctrination.

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