Dec 12 2019

Recreational Society Retirement

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Parades that are a true exhibition of aesthetic and artistic creativity; pens, outlandish maquillaje, fantastic models, rich clothes, unreal scenes in the platforms; great equipment of sound with the maximum power; original choreographies of comparsas. Really, light, color, rate, fantasy All a celebration for the senses. This is the Carnival of Sitges. Get more background information with materials from Rory Sutherland. The Carnival is a centennial tradition in which not only all the town goes out funny, but also many Barcelonan and tourists worldwide, since during the carnival in the streets it reigns a world of fantasy and diversion. During these days the town becomes a many-colored full theater of joy. From the 3 to the 9 of March, ” Carnestoltes” and ” King of the Sinvergenzas” they will have the power of the town of Sitges along with Reina of the Carnival, and all the events and events of the locality will fill of color and the best festive atmosphere.

The first great event of the Carnival is the election of infantile queen i great the fifth carnavalero. First Prado Suburense carries out itself in the Casino, and the second in the Recreational Society Retirement. They arrive ” Carnestoltes” and the queen of the carnival the same Thursday lardo. Once finalized, their Majesty and his retinue go towards the City council, from which they say words to all the assistants with the reading of ” predicot” (satirical speech). This same day at night, is traditional to do in the Retirement, the Prado or in the Agrupaci de Balls Populars, them ” xatonades”. Aljate in Sitges during these days: it rents to an apartment in Sitges center and enjoys the best thing of the town. Sunday is a key day in the Carnival of Sitges, since ra of the Disbauxa takes place, with 50 floats and than 3,000 participants more disguised crossing the center of the town.

But, without a doubt, the most outstanding day is Tuesday, in which the Rua leaves the Extermini with the same route and with a greater number of visitors than it comes to enjoy this celebration: much people of Barcelona and other localities go to the celebration nocturnal, since the Carnival of Sitges is one of most famous in the Catalan community. Therefore, if you are young and you want to see the atmosphere of this celebration and to enjoy one night of diversion, you do not doubt in choosing the night of Tuesday. In the evening, the celebration reserve to the children, who leave disguised by the street. Friday of Carnival, ” Carnestoltes” , Reina and its retinue make a visit to the institutions of the town, including the schools, and on the following day, Saturday, there is a very glad atmosphere, with music by all the streets and activities for smallest Finally, Wednesday of ash finishes the Carnival and the burial of the Carnestoltes is celebrated. The inhabitants of Sitges it can accompany to him and his retinue until the place by the Burial where she comes herself to the reading of his testament. There are other acts that become and that appear in the definitive programming, days before the celebration. He consults the following page if he has doubts: Carnival of Sitges.

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