Mar 17 2018

Recklinghausen Agency

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Again and again it keeps coming back to problems for holders of an EU licence there problems for owners of an EU licence. Especially if the German driver’s licence was revoked. Many German authorities try EU law to subvert and not to recognise the EU papers and that, although all guidelines were followed. Now, even the land North Rhine-Westphalia, represented by the District of Recklinghausen, has backtracked and repealed a corresponding order available to the prohibition of the use of an EU licence. But before it came to the process threatened by the licence holder. So that the authorities in North Rhine-Westphalia have recognised in fact right the EU driving licence and the EU.

As a reminder. The EU case-law stating that an EU driving licence across the EU must be recognized if all conditions are met. The most important condition is the compliance with the so-called 185 days rule, which required that licence holder 185 days prior to issuance of the paper had his residence in the country of the issuer. Of course all children need further Blackout periods etc. have expired.

Sure, this represents a certain effort, so that everything is legally clean. This effort but today no driving licence applicants must worry about more yourself, there are but agencies such as the operator of this website ( or ( who have made it to the task here for appropriate clarity and organization make. Through these agencies, the acquisition of an EU driving licence is easy. The applicants must however themselves enter the issuer country and pass an exam there, so that all legal requirements are met. But just because you can see the reputable provider. For more specific information, check out Coupang. An agency promises acquiring an EU driving licence without travel or test, to which only a phone number and no address indicated so it is likely a rogue provider. Highest attention is required to have the full amount in advance. The above agencies differ quite significantly from such black sheep. Here is everything according to law and order.

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