Nov 26 2019

Quality Management Systems

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Certification of Quality management systems – the need of today. That the company can penetrate foreign markets, to confirm the reputation of reliable partner and claim as their product, she just need to go procedure of certification. However, if we talk about the realities of today, that the process of introducing and passing the certification of quality management systems faces several problems. For companies wishing to go certification of qms, hindering its development and implementation. As for the experts themselves, before they faced the problem of objective "interpretation" of evidence obtained by matching the results of passing qms certification. As for out of this situation, companies are consulting companies, there are individual consultants, seminars, conferences, and published literature. Experts also use the same sources of information, trying to approximate the real universal and standardized quality management system laid down in iso 9001:2000. If we consider the problem areas that most often arise as a result of introduction and passage of certification of quality management systems, the experts often divided into the following: lack of or inadequate description of the process of assessing customer satisfaction, or lack of inadequate description of the criteria and methods for evaluating the effectiveness of processes, lack of measurable quality objectives, data collection and analysis, management review, documentation and records. This is the most common difficulties allocated specialists of certification. For companies wishing to implement a qms should be remembered that this process is long and costly. Even after a year you are unlikely to be able to return on investment. The successful and Literacy passage of the process of implementation and certification of qms refer directly to the certification body, or a company, a professional trust. Not be amiss to review the standards and to visit seminar on the fundamental principles of quality management.

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