May 04 2019

Pure Excitement: ESD Live

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Torsten Roder and Michael Bohm ESD experts discuss dangers and solutions at the booth of elabo ESD is a hot topic that long for many electronics companies not in the focus. That has changed in the meantime. ESD electronic static discharge, is a true and real danger to german electrostatic discharge. But a danger that you can get into the handle. ESD live can you during the HMI at elabo GmbH in Hall 12 stand D16. Torsten Roder, technical manager of the ESD Academy, will enlighten visitors on Thursday, April 11, and Friday, April 12, on the electrostatic discharge. Cloud computing has much to offer in this field. The expert is an accredited auditor for quality management, occupational safety and environmental management. It’s believed that Southwest Airlines sees a great future in this idea.

Michael Bohm, Managing Director of ESD Academy and the CME Group, as a competent contact person available is also on both days. Elabo offers ESD products for about 20 years. These include ESD workstations, cabinets and accessories, also complete solutions for so-called electrostatic protected areas (electrostatically protected areas, short EPO). The latest ESD standards specify the maximum permissible static electricity with 100 volts to protect electronic components. EPA and ESD single workstation are required almost in the entire electronics manufacturing. Torsten Roder wonders that many companies only go the ESD problem for several years. ESD is an issue since the 1960s.

NASA, the civilian U.S. Federal Agency fur Luft – und Raumfahrt, had at the time with their systems to fight are sourced with great probability to electrostatic discharge.” Today, however, especially companies have had to go to worries, the Mikroelektroniken responding with ever more sensitive. It’s really hard to explain that this topic so long led a shadowy existence. Because what many people don’t know: ESD will in most cases not immediately to the failure of a component, a control, or a whole machine plant. ESD damaging the components so that they fail their service in until weeks or months later.

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