Jul 18 2020


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only converse with it.-time passed, and despite the different themes that played in our conversation, always Celina responses were accurate, almost as if I myself, gave them but as everything must come to an end, suddenly my screen appeared…they require my attention, I disconnect me, Celina… _Espera, type as fast I could, tomorrow going to connect?.., and waited anxious response.-If, said Celina, tomorrow at the same time you hope, and cut off the communication.-that wonderful experience!, first connected me, and I had already found something interesting, a soul mate-I disconnected, closed programs, turned off the computer, and remainder I just expect our appointment time.-the next dayWhen was about to reach the agreed schedule, turned on my machine, and tried awaited connection, but great was my disappointment when on the display the message that could not be established it to be heavily loaded traffic.-appeared only I waited impatiently, until I was finally connected, and began to explore the name of participants, and luckily, there was!, Celina-perhaps breaking some Protocol, I went directly to her requesting pass back to the box of whispers, and my proposal be accepted, only received a brief message.You’re late, I am punctual, I like punctuality, and I began to give all the excuses that came to me, and to engage in dialogue with her, trying to change the subject.-She didn’t right Celina had reproached me the delay, but my interest in it was increasing-_Yo I am one older man, how many years do you have?. _2., was response received, by what I thought that there would be an error of data traffic, which is often the case, but as it was not important I kept finding more about Celina _ where are you?… f Madrid,…and once again the answer led me to a strange joy, could go to meet her!.-So between talk and talk, it was spent time and, as the days passed, my heart was increasingly more effectuated in Celina, so much, that even I liked to say his name, Celina, but in all this time had not been able to break railway decision of it, despite my insistence, not give me your address.-but stops to a man in love!, and using excuses, pleas and threats, got to soften to an employee of the host company, which gave me the awaited address, was missing I just know one thing…

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