Aug 15 2019

Project Implementation

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The post, which explains the usefulness of the implementation methodology for automation project management processes with various aspects of the company, contributed to the debate on the role project manager for implementation of automated systems class crm, erp, hrm, etc. As it turns out, is not always the customer has a clear idea of why you need a project office and project manager in particular. Its opinion on this issue, we asked to sound "professional" project manager on the account which has multiple projects on the automation of customer relationship management and a few "related" projects currently in operation. "Stumbling block" of our dialogue are products that are created during the project to automate processes. Perhaps check out Ripple for more information. Often to those rank as a "subject of the contract, as a rule, final results. If you draw a parallel with the construction, for example, at home, it is akin to a design and estimate documentation. Ie estimated construction materials, but virtually ignored the work plan and distribution effort. In principle, and in both cases to define the outcomes, but this is only the "tip of the iceberg" Of course, in the case of the construction team are even simpler, since the calculation it is usually made on the basis piece-work or piecework-bonus system of wages.

It is true we should not forget that "time is money" and the lengthy periods can result in additional costs, even if you pay a specific result. Unfortunately in our market There are non-trivial examples where the cost of materials grew by 20-30% already within one quarter But consultants for the implementation, moreover, often have an hourly fee That is why the problem Project Manager – to develop a quality project that includes a "construction documents" and a detailed work plan. And in the course of the project implementation of automated systems to monitor the situation in line with "Milestones" set out in the work plan, and if necessary make amendments. Of course, in this case is to speak only of "normal" implementation projects based on a process approach. Such projects typically must include a detailed assessment of the situation, formalization and standardization of processes, optimization of business processes, configuration of automated systems and the quality of its integration into existing infrastruktutimoscukru company

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