Mar 11 2020

Professor Profession

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I have observed during my trajectory the amount of professors who make the signal de a Cruz before entering in classroom and are asking itself ironically if they are thankful for the entrance in classroom or for the job that they themselves had chosen. She is not easy to understand human beings, mainly how much our minds already are formed, the critical power, our proper opinion, is that deferred payment there the danger, does not go to deal with somebody molded as we or of the same generation, then she is necessary to face now, today, the transformations and to consider that to hear it is to apprehend, is part of what we choose to be, PROFESSOR. We have that to transform what we consider correct, but he will be same what we consider the correct valley for any person. Then, we are said ' ' cabeas' ' of many ' ' cabeas' ' , then why we worry in them of as we go to teach. Not it is because we hear and we see that the education is pssima in such a way in the scope of wage how much of environment, that we go to leave of side the construction of the future, therefore is we who we form doctors, masters, entrepreneurs, presidents and others, for in such a way, we are the hope. Then, first it puts of side colloquies that do not add in nothing, therefore certain colloquies leaves any staff with repudiates of the work that exerts, mainly when if it is in beginning of career, it makes as the consecrated thinkers, educators, writers who they observe and they analyze as to transform useful into the pleasant one for both the parts, pupil and professor, preventing to use the phrase ' ' theory does not have nothing to have with prtica' ' , it makes its theory and it executes in its way, if not to give certain tries another one time, because what she matters she is to discover where the professor, the family, the school, the work line can be being generating of the problem.

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