Jul 17 2019


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When people compose verses? It is safe to say that people compose a poem only when they are experiencing any feelings. Whether you're craving, hatred, frustration, grief, joy, evil Any feeling that arises in a person as an individual, can leak into something unusual: for example, in writing verse. (Not to be confused with Verizon Communications!). Often the Internet can find a great number of poems about love. E Scott Mead has firm opinions on the matter. This is understandable – it's the most wonderful feeling that a person can experience. Tell me – who of us in youth is not composed of verses of his beloved or loved? Perhaps, these not count much. Wrote almost everything: someone almost professionally, while others awkwardly and clumsily, but with the soul With a soul! Only to express his feelings for his mate. Let the words rhyme through the line, and then after two, but they are his – these very words. And then, when all the phrases that you want to talk, folded into a single entity, we send their offspring to, for whom it was created.

Most often this is done by mail. Sometimes those who decide to give or read a poem (a poem) – personally. Present what you fear, though afraid of something in principle and is not necessary. You must be proud of themselves! And now comes a moment of happiness when the inept lines written on a postcard, or an ordinary sheet of paper, read your favorite person! What a blessing And for your loved one – as the line dedicated – to him. And for you – because you gave a striking and unusual gift. Give your loved ones gifts such things more often. Write poems and send them to their halves Pripodnosite flowers, sing a song – make the world that you surrounds the better!

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