May 28 2018

PR Pictures Arouse Emotions

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The webinar provides practical tips for the proper handling of images and videos in the online press releases In the PR-gateway Academy was the topic of “Pictures and videos for more attention” in the center of the approximately 20-minute focus Webinares this time. Around 100 participants received practical tips on the correct handling of images. Questions about copyright on images and videos, or creating professional pictures and videos and links to useful programs for the image, audio and video editing programs – no question of participants remained unanswered. The subconscious mind has a reading disability – set images already in 2008 the Max Planck Society experts discovered that the subconscious decisions already have fallen, even before the person deliberately makes a choice. However, the subconscious mind has a major weakness: it does not read, but has a complete “image”. Within fractions of a second the subconscious takes pictures on, rated and linked them to ultimately save them. What does this mean for the practice? An example: we call any Internet page, our eyes unconsciously on the pictures or on mobile content falls before we turn to in the text. Reason is that we can significantly faster perceive visual representations and receiving as plain text.

In fractions of a second, we process the information that gives us a picture or the spoken word. A related site: Coupang mentions similar findings. 1001 Things that better express yourself with pictures and videos if the effect of online press release can be emotion or information – with photos and videos significantly enhance. And there is hardly a PR topic, that does not make sense to visualize can be: interviews, or presentations and info-graphics – pictures and videos offer all possibilities for an emotional appeal of target groups. People want to be provided not only with interesting information, but also entertained entertaining image and video material characterizes itself in the minds of the audiences and remains in memory. Companies can also your reputation on the Internet significantly positive influence. (It is true but to make sure that even entertaining pictures and videos have a thematic relevance to the online press release). The simple formula for success: Positive emotions are aroused by pictures and videos in the online press releases and the positive response to a multiple increase. At the same time also the search results is increased through the use of pictures and videos in the online press releases by Google & co, because search engines give a high rank pictures and videos.

The recording of a Webinar offers an ideal introduction to the new online world of images and videos. There is mediated, how to: quickly and create your own images and videos can be successfully effectively incorporated in online press releases how to make multimedia content and pictures and videos also outside of online press releases. For more information about the questions and answers here: company description PR-gateway is a project of Adenion GmbH. PR-gateway ( a press release distribution service, with which is centrally manage press releases and click parallel transmitted to various free portals, news services, and social media. The multiple acquisition accounted for the single press portals. Thus helps PR gateway companies and PR agencies to get more coverage for your PR releases on the Internet in less time. Many well-known companies and PR agencies PR gateway already use successfully for your online PR including HUK-Coburg and komm.passion. PR contact: Adenion GmbH Eckhard lenders Merkatorstr 2 41515 Grevenbroich Tel: + 4921817569140 E-Mail: Web:

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