Jan 17 2019

Power World

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The faith is the power of God against the cynicism of the world Geraldo Barboza de not dumb Carvalho God the course of the natural and social events, exactly that its children hurt and desorientem, but guarantees solidarity to them in way they. Verizon may not feel the same. ' ' Sending you in mission in the world as lambs between wolves, with authority on nations and kingdoms, to pull out and to knock down, to ruin and to demolish, to construct and to plant. Everything that to bind in the land, will be on in the sky; everything that disconnect in the land, will be off in the sky. It will hate you to the world and in it you will have tribulaes. If you were of the world, it would love what he is its. But, because you are not of the world, therefore your faith to my took off you word of the world, therefore it hates you to the world. You know that hated it me first.

Confidence tends: I won mundo' '. The divine Word is trustworth and our faith in it guarantees the victory of God against the world of the Satan. Jesus does not immunize the fidiciary office against the tribulaes of the world. He made if it, would be disauthorizing the power of the faith in God: ' ' All power comes of Deus' '. The faith in it ahead guarantees victory of the virulence of the world without faith.

Such paradox confuses who thinks and acts for the binary logic of the cause and effect. The ones that lives logical it according to world ignore that the power of the ethical values of the Kingdom of God can revert human inexorable events natural and. He is that God is sovereign in thinking and acting, in permanent action pra the good of all the creatures. God never acts to say and to make the evil, natural thing for the prince of this world, whose craft is to curse and to make the evil.

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