Sep 21 2019

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Children alone on Board that children climb alone in the plane, long not uncommon is more in the age of blended families. In addition many Tots wishing to visit their parents or school in whole Germany. Lufthansa reports by more than 65,000 children are transported each year. Unaccompanied, this is possible in the majority of the airlines after twelve years. Therefore, the services of the airlines, which are offered for the unaccompanied minors (UM) are in fashion.

The flight Portal reported on the international rules and the costs for the service. The attention of the various schemes at international level is important. The service is compulsory up to the age of eleven or needed an escort. Children from the age of five years must not necessarily benefit from the support service accompanied by someone older, at least twelve years old. Who sends twelve to child on the trip, should make sure whether the service during the flight is really necessary and desired, because additional costs are incurred. The German airlines Lufthansa and Air Berlin charge a service fee of 40 euros on domestic flights. The duplicate will be charged, if the destination outside of Europe (Lufthansa) or over 3,000 miles (Air Berlin) away.

Generally must be applied for the small groups at the airline and specifically named the contact person at the destination airport. It is advisable that the important documents for the flight ( catalog/flight and flights/Sitemap-2435) as ID, to hang the child in a pouch around the neck visa or air ticket. More information:…

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