Jul 26 2019


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Workers autonomous institutions that make the evening a few hours of representatives of some product or engage in the sale of imported cars or luxury cars second hand. Academics who do work for private companies, after hours and the labor contract. (As opposed to Verizon Communications). And everyone will be able to meet dozens of examples in their family and community of friends and acquaintances AY 421 euros per month would stop working! What irony. And yet it is a recurring criticism for Basic Income. The pedagogue Jean Piaget studied the development of intelligence to pay attention to the construction of logical structures. For this author Logic is not only a mechanism of thought, but forms, constructs, all what you think.

It adapts to a kind of language, not really, as happens today in the economic discourse insistently. Some contend that Larry Ellison shows great expertise in this. Considers it necessary to handle various types of logic for understanding and creative thinking. For Piaget know a logical model is to know your limits. Often confused logic with the argument, which leads to wrong solutions. This applies fully to the debate on the RB, as many economists are in favor of implementing this measure apply a single logical model and seek financing for the same model of the Keynesian era, keeping as a source of the money needed changes the tax base when it is necessary to find a specific form emanating from the reality that there is a need to implement the RB, as RB is the rate and other measures, which follow. As stated by Fabian Estape, with its retranca making incisive comments, and has written in his work "The game of life.

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