Feb 11 2019

Photo Wall-papers – Choose Wisely From Brings Long Joy

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Photo wall-papers are not equal to photo wallpapers. Soon, decorating time is back. If the days are no longer quite so grey and temperatures no longer forcing us in thick sweaters, the desire for change is growing. The wall needs new wallpaper. The spring is brought before the meteorological start in the home. Photo wall-papers are still in fashion.

New motifs transform your walls and make your spaces interesting and trendy. The upbeat wallpapers for kids room, living room or bedroom are true eye-catcher. But have you ever used a photo wallpaper? This sounds easier than it is. If not every line fits perfectly, the harmonious image is disturbed. In the trade, you will receive two types of photo wallpaper photo wallpaper on a paper backing and wallpapers on non-woven backing. Photo wall-papers are cheaper but also harder to paper on paper.

Soaking time must be strictly observed and the surface be perfectly prepared. You don’t, wrinkles and columns are created quickly. The eye-catcher is the nuisance. A photo wallpaper is quite different. Fleece works not. It does not extend himself in contact with nonwoven fabric adhesive and not shrinks during the drying process. You apply the nonwoven fabric adhesive on the wall and insert the individual sheets in the adhesive bed. You will immediately see the finished result. Also, non-woven photo wallpapers have an unbeatable advantage. While photo wallpapers inevitably break down on paper in the application, you can reuse the photo wallpaper fleece. If you have purchased a photo wallpaper with heavy non-woven backing and they have papers on a smooth surface, it can be during the next renovation carefully remove and wallpaper new anywhere. With the new photo wallpapers fleece, you can transform your rooms according to your wishes. In the Office or workplace the photo wallpapers bring evolution 4 fleece of new collection “life on your walls. Evolution 4 “includes motifs for the domestic interior design also motifs which make very good on walls of bars, restaurants and wine cellars. Creative interior design is with the photo wallpapers on fleece No witchcraft.

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