May 09 2019

Peter Thunder

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Transtornado it, counted that not wise person what to make, she was ones three and thirty of the morning, thought about going down, more pra that, in this height, it already deceased was deceased horrivelmente. It continued to go down and looking at for the retrovisor of its side, when derrepente it looks at for the side of the hitchhiking, who it sees, seated to look at smiling for it? Aloira of the hitchhiking. The blond one that it had finished to run over. Arregalados Peter, Eyes tremendous, lost the notion of everything, the truck if he mismanaged when it entered in the curve of the blond one, he went up in the seedbed he broke the guard body and he twirled abrupt declivity the low one, more than 150 meters of depth, had been alone the pieces. In the hour of the accident it came a viatura of polices federal road behind it well. It saw when the accident occurred. They had set in motion the aid for a true miracle, Peter Thunder was cuspido pra is of the cabin when the truck gave the first tumble, it had been soon on suffered only aranhes had the broken head, it twisted the ankle in end, it was a true release, it already was believing now is that its faith is stronger, today it is in charge leading those that die thus without knowing, for the other side of the life, but it only can help those that believe God.

Peter Counted that a thing called its attention very perfumes was it that woman used, was one smells insuportvel of jasmim. It ties today, does not forget itself that one smells. Julio terribly materialistic, atheistic one expensive irreducible found that age all trick. It said that spirit did not exist soul nor and when somebody died everything finished. It looked at for the man who finishes to count history and, it said that it did not believe nor if proper Peter Thunder in person counted that history, and added, where I I can find this Thunder? At this moment a man older than until then it had not said nothing was arisen it looked at for Julio and it said: – I am Peter Thunder, and if you find that we are playing in them, because we do not go there to see, since the partner said that it saw an accident, and it is here close, because in the five we do not go there, seeing if it had or did not have accident? Julio and or others four had entered in an old car that was stopped there and had followed for the presumption place of the accident.

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