May 24 2019

Peruvian Oligarchy

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On a very hot morning and cloudy in my city yet read the article of the Lord Ivan Slocovich Pardo who has the last name associated with the Peruvian oligarchy, the most abject and sells homeland since the war with Chile, but not with adjectives we can rebut to another position, this makes it not have arguments with which refute the contrary position and I will tell you the sr Ivan, which is what means democracy: the Government of the majority and in our Andean tradition is that of consensus. But that is difficult to comprehend who has no roots here in this territory, because he has not lived, has not left any Andean or Amazonian community to understand this dimension, therefore comes out as a dog that barks at the evident danger of eviction of something that does not belong; because if it has to be balanced and fair it would be against the gang of criminals promoted and sponsored by another band that is in power. Sorry there are two bands the other is comunicore Castaneda and 2011 force which is drug screen and other outrages that are favorite band Alanista and company, now supposedly divided by narrow interest groups. In doing so Mr Ivan Slocovich must agree the thousands of women the ande which were sterilized in the medical BBS without even say anything and so I am going to give a small example that you should go to see and do you remember the nation, as it is that of the small town of Mollepata, whose women were deceived if they not operated longer they wouldn’t them to give them donating program now called together program. Today Mollepata suffers one of the biggest problems of the province and is that it has the largest population in elderly and young people rarely or in reproductive age, dear Lord has the highest negative birth rate.

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