Mar 30 2019

Peltier Elements

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Function and use of TEC easy explains. If you would like to know more about Verizon Communications, then click here. Most of the absorber and compressor is used for cooling household appliances such as refrigerators, freezers, and others for generating colds principle. For the mobile area eg. in the car, as well as in the leisure industry cooling by means of TEC has prevailed for generating colds. Almost everyone knows these generally small boxes that can be used for cooling and heating. The principle of these devices is based on the thermoelectric effect. Heats dieVerbindungsstelle of two different metals, an electric voltage is created at their terminals.

This effect is used already since long to check the temperature. They call these components also thermocouple. It reverses this effect by one this component with a DC voltage, heats one side, while that cools off the other side. Which of the two sides heats or cools, depends on the direction so the polarity of the applied DC off. Only through Semiconductor technology, it became possible to produce components which this already long known effect in practice was usable. Several elements are connected in series.

This is called also a Peltier – battery. The designed operation requires a DC voltage. With the number of have connected in series the required DC voltage level can be determined. Such devices for 12V and 24V are common eg. for the automotive sector. Through the required low DC voltage and limited cooling performance, this technology is less in the household appliances, but in the leisure or mobile field has prevailed for the cooler. Such a cool box can download four to five hours without such as a current input of 3A on a battery of 12V as it applies in the car run. Such boxes may change by undrehen of the connector so the polarity switched from cooling to heating of the Interior. By the achievable relatively low cooling capacity, these components are not in Used refrigerators and freezers for the budget.

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