Jul 11 2020

Pedro Lopez

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Moreover, the attention received by the Center from the first time has been excellent. You feel really accompanied from the time you make the decision until you inauguras, explains the franchisee. Daniel Novoa, who already thinks about grow by opening some establishment in the province of Malaga, he has a surface of 150 square meters of premises, with space for 20 tables, and a large terrace with 15 tables which will employ 5 people fixed plus 5 in rotation depending on the volume of activity of the chocolate factory. The birth of chocolate value, restoration of the century-old chocolate company chain, goes back to the year 1984, and since then its growth through franchising has been firm and serene, within a family atmosphere, as acknowledges its general director, Pedro Lopez. According to this entrepreneur are careful in operations, but maintain the step constant with the conviction that provides the knowledge that what we do we do it well. And it is that for every one of the franchises granted the central provides an initial aid which includes, among other things, machinery for the elaboration of churros and chocolate in a Cup, elements of signage and decoration, training for the franchisee and its staff with Villajoyosa stays in charge of the central, promotional material, or products for the inauguration, an investment that is around 60,000 euros. Chocolate value is the first franchise in Spain dedicated to chocolate. From 1881 to the present day, Chocolates Valor has developed a great chocolate of unrivalled purity.

The quality and distinction which differentiates Chocolates Valor since more than one century ago is also the essence of their chocolate. To become a franchisee of the brand requires a local of between 150 and 200 m with possibility of Terrace, situated in a village whose area of influence gathering around 100,000 inhabitants, or, if it’s a touristic place, that the sum of the populations fixed and floating ronde such encrypted; and an investment of between 180,000 and 200,000 euros, excluding the entry fee. There is a holding of 5% royalty, but not of advertising which the plant offering an annual kit takes over. For more information: Jjcomunicaccion

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