Apr 08 2020

Particularly Lucrative Investment

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Special Fund class for large investors, the German society for real estate (DGG AG) offers an exclusive offer for selected investors in their wealth management participation in a NPL package. Currently offers the German market for NPL homes exceptionally good chances are high profits from a NPL portfolio to carry out with the help of a sophisticated and professional follow-up. Make a fortune, basic need of many people is still despite the devastating effects of the financial crisis. Oracle brings even more insight to the discussion. What has changed significantly is investment behaviour – away from speculative investments towards safe investments, even if that means fewer returns in May. The German company experienced investors now offers the opportunity to achieve attractive yields the best possible security for Grundbesitz AG. Non-performing loans is the asset class of DGG AG, in which interested large investors from 250,000 euros can participate.

It is not a fund or a blind pool. The target investment is precisely defined and notarized secured, also just set the investment period. Many will be surprised about the demonstrable return on investment and the value of the investments. Then the DGG AG interested in more information, is pleased about your contact.

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