Aug 20 2017

Parliamentary State Secretary

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This debate was damaging for the CDU from one side and certainly unsettled their core constituencies, but on the other hand she brought the train onto the correct track and reaffirmed the importance of the Christian in the name of the CDU. Pofalla advocates even, attaching crucifixes in all schools. The Parliamentary State Secretary at the Julia Klockner consumer protection Ministry let it be known: Christianity influenced our thinking and actions. This location should be visible, there is no reason to hide the cross.” “The statement of the Chairman of the Lower Saxony CDU group, David McAllister led the way: from the perspective of the CDU, the cross is a symbol of tolerance towards other religions”. What now was a direction that addressed not only on tradition and style. It is not something Facebook would like to discuss.

“Is this written in the program of principles of the CDU of 2007: Christian symbols will remain visible in the public space”. Therefore is of course to be expected that the CDU members (also female ozkan) know this and defend more. “The Chairman of the senior Union Otto Wulf understood it as an attack on the reputation of the UNION”. He has already stressed in a press release in March: “we win confidence with less, but with more ‘ C’ but without threatening finger!” Do the Christian orientation of the policy “freedom to the order ()” so that “the great majority of non-Christian voters would like to eliminate the identification with Christian values never. In addition, he inflicted and that tolerance and respect for each person for each of the policy in the Union parties do, a “compulsory Christian commandment”. How can a symbol of tolerance violate human rights of other, for this reason alone, because it is suspended in the classroom? As the European Court of human rights in Strasbourg (ECHR). The verdict triggered a wave of outrage then.

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