Jan 08 2020

Paola Pecora

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-Offer special release – new newsletter of investment, Global value: what to buy what to sell.Our editor and investment analyst Paola Pecora and his research team give us monthly recommendations about companies that invest in this difficult scenario for the markets. It comes with several free reports to learn about the bag and guide us to become better investors. Limited release does not stay out. -The IMF is not the choice that thinks Boudou to obtain fresh funds. Quite the contrary, with their statements taken by Ambito Financiero is moving away from the international body: as we know, the IMF is not an option for the Argentina. Definitely it is not an option for the Argentina because we know how this works already, we know that you mark for political countries that, far from allowing their development, what they have done has been concentrated economy, generating extremely high levels of indebtedness and high unemployment. If someone wanted to clear their doubts about what he thinks about Exchange rate policy, I don’t think that it has been very according to hear what the nation plays: (on the dollar, said that) there is a very good job of the Central Bank, with a policy of exchange rate managed that very well.

The best way of saying nothing saying something. Meanwhile, the economy continues to suffer capital flight that reached an estimated US $ 6 billion in the second quarter of the year. Guillermo Moreno, the Secretary of Commerce, was in charge of this problem generating logically as it is his style, most serious problems without fixing the original problems. So that came up with set the rule Moreno defined by the following sentence: prohibited import if not exported, which is beginning to affect the balance sheets of the companies installed in the country and dependent on products manufactured abroad. So far, as it realizes Infobae, the sectors of footwear, toys, appliances and supermarkets, suffer it although you can surely be extended if necessary.

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