Jul 01 2019

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Jorge Rodriguez wanted to buy a new car this year, however, given the conditions of the Mexican economy chose to retain his old sedan and wait for the maelstrom of the crisis to reache a manageable level. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Verizon Communications. This situation led to macroeconomic levels caused from January to July there would be a 38 percent slump in sales of new cars, according to figures from the Mexican Association of Automotive Dealers (AMDA). In seven months, the car dealers have stopped selling new 5000 443 vehicles, with the compact segment, the largest fall, 40 percent less than in 2008. Note that July was the worst for the agencies, since they were sold only 101 thousand new cars. The annual rate, auto sales by segment, in this case, the subcompact has a 36.20 per cent contraction, followed by compact with a low of 40.16 percent, luxury cars with a drop of 22.35 percent sports and show a reduction of 34.78 percent. The indicators important on the current outlook for the sector indicate that the placement of auto loans from January to October 2008 dropped 8.6 percent compared to similar period of 2007, so it becomes more difficult the acquisition of new units.

Also, since 2005 is growing increase in the purchase of used cars imported from abroad, more than 3.5 million vehicles by 2008. On the other hand, mechanical workshops have produced a significant rebound on the composure of old cars or used under the circumstances, it is cheaper to buy parts from a previous model that one again. a Con the crisis, the market for the sale of auto parts has grown by 40 percent, because users prefer to repair your old car to think about purchasing a new variable as the prices and the fragility of economiaa said Rogelio Vasquez, who owns an auto parts of Tabasco. Market indicators. m.

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