Oct 09 2019


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Inspires the subject of this article I the creator of DBM and NLP remodeled, John McWritter, who in his last workshop explores options develop following a setback we have suffered. A topic interesting, since I think that a more simple level, it is common to find different types of interruptions in our welfare state. And I don’t mean nothing especially traumatic, but even something as simple as not find parking, which will burn the toast or do not find reading glasses. Any of these common situations and without importance, sometimes causing us a footplate which can respond in many ways, but you will be agree with me that one of the most common is anger, anger, etc. And even if you think that it is not too important as responding to these situations, evidently in a sense I agree with you. But if we look from another point of view, from the perspective of someone who wants to develop and learn how to better manage any situation that is and be more effective in managing You descoloques them, things change. From this premise, any small footplate and of course also a biggest stick is an interesting opportunity to learn from and increase our quality of life.

If our intention is wanting to be stronger every day, before any unforeseen and know react withmore effectiveness, the training that provide us small events (glasses lost, toast and burnt, etc) is of great value. Put another way, if you train you in learn and improve on any small difficulty, you will be much more efficient to learn and develop yourself (take out ultimately part positive) against other more serious events. In the world that we live, we are exposed to events that we descolocan from time to time, but how we are able to manage these events, will that they be a source of learning for us and even that does not reach even adversely affect us.Do you realize the importance and the power of this training? Once more EFT (as a technique of) emotional release) is a very useful tool in overcoming these situations and will allow us to become much more robust and flexible at the same time against the unforeseen people. We will be as the bamboo rod that can be bent by the wind, but thanks to its flexibility always returns to its position without breaking you. If you are interested in exploring this field, on my page of Coaching with EFT, you will learn different ways to become this bamboo pole against any obstacle you encounter in life and you can use these events as springboards to push yourself much stronger towards your goals. Jose Ramon LumCas original Autor and source of the article

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