Aug 03 2020


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Oswaldo spoke that it was in the city, was trada for the husband who finished banishing it from house. Joo asked where it was liveing, the friend then said that it was liveing of favor in the house of an aunt of it. Joo wanted to know as friend knew of those information and then Oswaldo explained that it has few a few days ago was there where she liveed before reencontrar the neighbors also to know as he was Joo. The colloquy followed in front when Oswaldo spoke of an apartment that was without use and asked if Joo did not want to take by account until being able to pay the rent.

Joo topou. Arriving at the shelter it talked with all the inhabitants, with the coordinator who was half sad when knew that it was going even so, but Joo promises that always he would make a visit to the old friends. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Nicki Minaj. After some days the routine of Joo had moved significantly, its new master used to advantage the efforts of Joo it transferred and it to one of the control centers of the company to make periods of training, if it reached a good performance would start there to work permanently. really obtained to sobressair itself, it did not delay very and Joo already received ten times the wage that received soon from beginning, in the company knew Ktia, a young with who later was married and had a pretty son. Joo obtained to buy the apartment of the friend and now it was the owner, time later obtained to mount a supermarket in the city today where it liveed and is the owner of a net of supermarkets spread for all the state.

Today the son with 19 years already takes by account of part of the supermarkets whereas Joo and Ktia pass good part of the time travelling and tanning the life. One day it found the former-woman vendendo clothes in a store in the center of city, it made question to enter there and to buy a dress for the wife, the two had left and exactly thus the former wife I continue to look at that man trying recognizes it. It was older perhaps and leaner, only after as much time it only perceived the burrada one that she committed. For Joo the life was always thus: when everything seems to give wrong always has a hope in the end of the tunnel waiting for us. It is as soon as we must interpret the life, who only knows to use to advantage what it has of better is that it obtains to be happy.

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