Sep 26 2016

OnLine Shoppers

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According to research conducted by ForeSee in 2008, the best online services in terms of customer satisfaction found – 1 seat, – 2 nd place and – 3 rd place. The overall level of customer satisfaction services 100 the largest online retailers in 2008 in the U.S. rose by 1.4% compared with 2007 survey was conducted by the method of American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI, American Customer Satisfaction Index). From the list of 500 largest Internet retailers have been taken The first 100 of them and identified the best in terms of quality of service. The study was conducted using a special Survey panel, whose membership includes 1.6 million American consumers. Data obtained from 24000 respondents who visited the sites of retailers that have been processed and prepared on the basis of this rating. According to the study of customer satisfaction from online services increases customer loyalty, increases sales and promotes positive information about the company ("word of mouth"). Buyers with a high level of satisfaction from the service will again buy from the same company with a probability of 69% more, as well as: – 75% more likely that they will buy online – 42% more likely that they will buy in the off-line (in stores of the company) – 75% more likely they recommend friends or acquaintances.

ACSI (American Customer Satisfaction Index) is a leading (leading) economic indicator and cross-index for measuring customer satisfaction. Hear other arguments on the topic with Jerusalem Global Ventures. With the help of measured customer satisfaction in seven economic sectors, more than 45 branches, about 200 largest U.S. companies, representing 45% of U.S. GDP.

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