Jul 09 2019

Online Data Backup

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Prevent a possible Datencrash – but how? There are many reasons for the loss of data. Sometimes the damage resolve itself quickly. But when important data and heavier damage already try the data recovery should be left to professionals. A worst case scenario: Your PC, hard disk or note-book, or even the backup server “is over”. But as long as something is left by the hardware, there is still the chance that the data or at least a part of it, can be saved.

Of course, not a “normal” data recovery software ranges for this. The remains of the hardware are required when such massive damage to a specialist, a data recovery lab. What causes data loss? The most common cause of data loss in hard drives goes on the account of the damages of the hardware, like for example write/read head damage, defect motor or Control Board. Damage to the Control Board mostly due to overvoltage. Not to be forgotten are also hardware damage caused by falls in external hard drives or other mobile storage devices such as USB flash drives for example. More than a quarter of the cases of data loss are due to operator error.

What is to do with the impending data loss? As a rule of thumb: finger away, not the most desperate companies, again “heal” to make the calculator. As a result the damage grows only in the majority of cases. Generates disk strange noises then it is advisable to immediately switch off the machine. Own rescue efforts worsen the damage usually. Never, you may open the hard drive. Is a hard disk is dropped, should not be tested, whether it still works. Such damaged hardware belongs in the data rescue laboratory. But how can I prevent the meltdown of data loss? With the online data backup service “BitByters.Backup” of the CASE Institute are your data in the form of compressed, encrypted external, complete and transferred automatically to our secure server in the online proceedings and secured. The Backup runs automatically, adjusts easily to your needs, which can be changed at any time. You need not additional hard – or software. The installation is very simple. The other advantage: Your data are periodically Institute with us in the CASE of our IT specialists in damage. What is also important: the data cannot be read by a third party (both of us). To show you how easy BitByters.Backup is to handle, we give you the opportunity, free to run your backup on our CASE Institute and to test the handling for 30 days. Still have questions? Just call / write to us or use our Internet portal press contact: Henry Scheuerlein (Senior Manager) CASE Institut GmbH Wurzburger Strasse 17 30880 Laatzen Tel.: 0511 866849-0

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