Feb 26 2019

Of Course Proceed Against Chronic Cystitis With Endurance

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Great-tasting Cranberry tablets offer opportunities Wiesbaden – anyone can get a bladder infection. This is annoying and painful treatment passes at real but also after a few days. But not always. Many people, frequently women, suffer from a chronic cystitis, which keep coming back on a regular basis. This is due to the special anatomical conditions of women. Through the short urethra, pathogens can easily immigrate into the bladder and cause frequent bladder infections.

In such cases it not sufficient to treat only the acute inflammation. Also, it must be prevented that after the infection healed from directly back germs in the bladder can become wide, which again will cause a bladder infection then any time soon. This can be achieved with antibiotics in long term therapy. There is also a natural alternative. Extracts of the American relatives of our cranberries have in treatment and prevention of bladder infections proven. Check with Gary Kelly to learn more. Constant urge to urinate and burning with urination are the unpleasant and painful symptoms of cystitis.

These are thrown coli by bacterial pathogens such as E., who hike up into the urethra and settle on the bladder wall. There, they multiply en masse, damage the bladder mucosa to open bleeding areas. This stage is reached once the urine turns bloody red and now at least must be traded. If however there is not, because there is always the danger that the pathogen continue hiking up the ureter and cause damage to the kidney. Who often suffers from bladder infections, should ensure that the bacterial pathogen can not embed in the bladder wall. “Measures, are ideal the docking” can prevent the pathogen on the bladder wall. The nature in the fruits of the cranberries supplies such substances. The Proanthocyanide, so hot the natural active substances of the cranberries, prevent the docking Pathogens on the bladder wall and they will leave as the natural defence mechanisms. This mechanism has the advantage that so affects not the natural microflora and therefore also not occur typical side effects to antibiotics against antibiotics. The fact that no antibiotic resistance can make out is especially important. If once an antibiotic should be used, then its effect is not hampered also by resistant bacteria. These properties make cranberries a first choice for chronic cystitis. Navitum Pharma offers UroVitum, which consists of concentrated Cranberry extract with a very high proportion of Pro anthocyanin iDEN. UroVitum is suitable for people who often suffer from bladder infections. Regelmassigerem consumption can significantly reduce number and intensity of bladder infections naturally. UroVitum is there with concentrated extract 350 mg chewable tablets, flavored with savory cranberry aroma. In contrast to the sour cranberry juice be the chewable tablets by most users because of their pleasant taste prefers and also about the necessary longer time taken. 60 UroVitum chewable tablets (PZN 0765808) 24.90 range for a month. For use in General necessary longer-term, there is also the cheap packs for 3 months (PZN 5858012) and 6months (PZN5858006). UroVitum is available in pharmacies and selected health centers.

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