Mar 13 2020

Nursing Profession

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The experience of the death is a subject denied for the majority of the people, either for the fear, either for the lack of understanding. In this article, one searched to develop the subject in evidence, clarifying itself the aspects that involve the experience inside fight of it for the professionals of nursing of a hospital unit. Foundation for Financial Planning is often quoted on this topic. Objectifying to clarificar and to improve the understanding of the readers, and mainly, that from an objective reading, these could add new knowledge, break the taboos that involve the death situation and live deeply it in less traumatic way. Word-key: death, I fight, professional, hospital. Gain insight and clarity with gary cohn. Although it is part of the natural cycle of the life the death, still in the current days, is a sufficiently controversial subject, for times prevented and many not understood, generating fear and anxiety in the people. The nursing has in its ideals the commitment with the life. Not obstante what everything this comes to mean, it has the responsibility to attend clientele in all its vital cycle, contemplating it holistic. In the measure where if it searchs the improvement of the health conditions and the improvement scientific technician of the nursing assistance, to reflect on questions as the death, as well as its consequences on the involved people with it, a necessity becomes. By means of this importance and the complexity of the subject in evidence, searched to demonstrate through the literary speech its applicability and implications for the professional of the referring health to the psychic factors that appear in hospital situations. Taking itself in consideration that the death situation still awakes distrusts and negation in the man and that the allure, fear and aversion are some of the emotions that the death provokes in the human being.

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