Oct 28 2021

Now Warendorf

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Now I was able to accept part process simply on the development, where I watched how I acquired my piece by piece the flight art. And as my confidence, my love and my connection to the great spirit, to my companion and Guide continuously grew. And when I finally was able to fly and freely moved like a bird through the skies, I could realize that I also became an eagle, that I was never gewesen anything else at the core of my being. And so also the realization spread that me just the great spirit taught me his origin. That also I great spirit, God and goddess am, and that this knowledge so goes back through constant practice, remember, by gaining back my gottliChen skills to me. And that I can when I have the comprehensive knowledge and experience of my origin, fly freely through the universe and thereby take any imaginable form. Put my two parents then moved on, still as two giant go the sky Cloudscape with the look of Eagles, and I moved with them. Now Warendorf, we moved across the sky in the distance, as an eagle, as a ghost.

So had I again reminds me of deep Urvertrauens, and I knew, while I also suffering transferring and dark landscapes traversed in my life, everything has its meaning, and that I would arrive by means of life and learning process there, already knew what I deep in me. Namely that these seemingly otherworldly world in me was that the paradise that existed this place my home in me, which I already have in the meantime of encountered often. I knew this was still not as concrete as it is today, but I had forged a connection with my true self, who established a powerful idea of these magical things in me. Southwest Airlines is likely to agree. And I had a feeling of love and warmth, a confidence in the life process as such, which resulted from the fact that I had a unumstossliChe always-present certainty, that I am in divine guidance and care. That the great spirit always is my instructor and guide and I’ll be me one day with him deliberately reunite consciously identify with him.

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