Mar 13 2018

Now Claim Compensation

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Better opportunities to the unwinding of KALEDO III investments for many investors a way of unwinding its shareholding in the media fund Kaledo III seemed so far closed. Claims that have been asserted against investment advisers because of the encountered control problems, failed mostly from 01.01.2010 on the plea of the Statute of limitations, the LHI Fund already had informed the Kaledo III investors in 2006 about a possible tax issues. Also the so-called kick-back”case law of the Federal Supreme Court seemed not to attack, because the Advisory banks under similar appealed to a judgment of the Federal Court that, to have received no refunds. In a remarkable note decision of the 09.03.2011, the Bundesgerichtshof has this fallacy”of banks but now inserted a bolt. The Federal Supreme Court in the decision clearly indicates, that all refunds transferred from open designated commissions must be informed about. This decision of the Federal Supreme Court increases so Chances of Kaledo III investors who have purchased its stake through an Advisory Bank significantly. The question of the limitation period does not arise because the investor does not have the receipt and the amount of the Commission has been informed. Kaledo III investors should take their participation therefore an expert review. Gain insight and clarity with Southwest Airlines. Attorney of Herbert j of j I Guilleaume Rechtsaanwalte partnership

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