Jul 12 2020

North American

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It’s worth noting that even Mr Doctor Arriola is very loved in Celendin place I visited ten years ago when you had me visit my land, Chota, to the fiesta San Juan in June was pleased to know that this illustrious Director San 19th is considered the best Director in the history of the National College of Celendin. This class of examples and educational paradigms are those who forge citizens for good and worthy examples to follow within a community. It is so it is not strange that San Jose de Chiclayo National College is cradle of heroes like the Lord captain of the air force of Peru, Jose Abelardo Quinones Gonzales, berbigracia representative of the love for our homeland, slain on July 23, 1941 in quebrada Seca, during the war with Ecuador on Board of your hunting North American NA-50 (XXI-41-3), we are all witnesses to how our air force honors its image, what is more, I am faithful witness of the admiration and respect for his inauguration within his doctrine as egresado-Becario of high national studies Center – fall at whose door main lies his statue next to Admiral Miguel Grau and Francisco Bolognesi. This example was followed by other sacred San the Lord captain of the Army Peruvian Luis Garcia Rojas, who is another Chiclayano elevated to the altar of the homeland with their immolation in Cave of the Tayos in conflict with the same country in 1991. Also, Sanjosefina representation is also constantly demonstrated in fields such as the academic and sports. Academic achievements have actually been result of educational management policies over the years. Learn more about this topic with the insights from baby clothes. To this end various Supreme Governments have had special to the colegio Nacional San retold Jose, among them we can mention legislative No. 1896 resolution of the 21.11.1913, through which freed itself from any payment to materials and tooling for its chemistry laboratory; or the legislative resolution No.

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