Mar 02 2019

No Holocaust, No Cold War.

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School reform in the Saar region at the expense of the story. History is the teacher of life, says Cicero – general opinion rightly. The black yellow green of the Saar Government seems to differ; There adopted school reform cannot be explained is different. To send advance is that in German education – whether in the schools or universities – now truly is not all for the best. Not since Pisa and Bologna all pointers at the eleventh hour, and rather than major reforms for more education (not the same as: training or knowledge!) sure is incompetent, laminated and appeased like crazy.

The reform recently adopted in Saarland now – seems depending on the degree of personal pessimism ‘ – to perpetuate these shameful developments, or perhaps to raise the obvious contempt of education in the land of poets and thinkers even to a new level: from the next school year it will be possible in the schools of the Saarland, the specialist history after the ninth grade to opt out of. You didn’t think that something like that in Germany would be possible that someone only would dare to propose such a thing. And yet it happened. Students can acquire so future high school in Saarland, without been disturbed by so unimportant topics such as Nazism, the Holocaust, the cold war, East Germany or even the collapse of the Soviet bloc to be. Congratulations, so the clip would be used right always have; hoped the “line factions” as links and Weimar (if at all) it would go directly to Berlin.

You’d actually have to March on the Saarland Bildungs(!)assume the Ministry put and it so long siege to Minister Klaus Kessler (green) and his accomplices reason. That assured Meanwhile, ingenuous naive that the trade policy should be strengthened to compensate for that. Is to say two things: first, no one believes that given the already full curriculum thanks to “Turbo high school” Trade another could replace even remotely. And secondly, this is the point: political education without a profound historical background is doomed to convicted nonsense. By contrast of the new rules so widely cited in Germany “historical responsibility” as a central category of political screaming to be silent at this point. What remains is the hope that the students will not make use of their Abwahlecht. But who should you blame, if the timetables in the face of the 12-year baccalaureate (by the way, the reason for the revision of the teaching of history!) are always full? The central contact address for emails in the Ministry of education of the Saar is, by the way, this only on the edge:. Just in case, there to send something. History books for example. Andreas Kellner news /..

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