Oct 30 2021

New Testament

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(C.G.. Jung thinks with (“Reality any appearance that acts”). What to do? A possibility might be, the man could even in enlightened times”his religiosity, or his religious feelings not to be ashamed and realizes that his religion is related to the daily life closely. How many religious founders and saints but have been trying to tell us that Jesus raised the teachings in the sky and rest there as a good”spirit, perhaps but most of the time nothing more admired. How long will it take until people see that a loving God on the cross hangs? How long will it be still glad that up there, hanging at a safe distance? When will someone down to help him? That is unlikely to happen but not only symbolically. For assistance, try visiting Bernard Golden . By each crucifix, the son of God would actually in a special ceremony and most aware of this fact and their intentions down be fetched. Then he could be truly reborn in us humans.

Otherwise, we pray with the cross the dead God. For the resurrected Messiah, there is so far no symbol. “What if, so to speak the New Testament by a human will” will be continued. It is seen in different areas that humanity has moved more and more from the outside in the inside causes and effects since the beginning of the story. Even God was originally just outside of the people, also outside of all creation, in any form whatsoever. Only the science and Psychology (i.e. the Enlightenment) is the realization due to, that cause and effect in the people themselves are (cause in his will that effect in his observation; see E.g. quantum mechanics: the effect is no longer separated from the observer.) A something shorter”representation of the quantum mechanical background to the book follows below. Another is to refer to the website for the book or the book itself).

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