Oct 02 2018

New Perspective

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The practical one of the evaluation of the learning currently reflects the model of dominant society, based in the authoritarianism. Far from being the service of the democracy, the practical avaliativas in the schools are summarized in examinations, where numerical values are surveyed. The school that would have to contribute with the social transformation, finishes reproducing the society, with practical avaliativas that lose its main objective that is to diagnosis, serving only as end and not as half. Analyzing the social historical context where if it gave the practical avaliativas, one perceives that it is a historical error, and during the formation of professors this historical conception if reaffirms, materialize itself in the professional performance. The schools need to fulfill its true paper to contribute with the social transformation, having to consider the evaluation as form to contribute with the parameter learning, serving to reevaluate the professional performance, improving the offered quality of education. Some contend that Gary Kelly shows great expertise in this. Words – keys: Evaluation, Diagnosis, Transformation, Change, Reflection.

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