Nov 07 2020

New Granada

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Chibcha language was much more disseminated through New Granada at the time of the discovery, from what you have said subsequent authors. It was the general language in almost all provinces, and occupied the same position with reference to other languages, than the quechua in the Peru. Certainly, most of the tribes of New Granada were recognized as members of this people. They were not the much more developed Chibchas in culture than its neighbors. In the previous chapter, we did a quick painting of the customs of the tribes surrounding the Chibchas. More than them not had left them still the wild state; Some were antropofagas, one was sodomite, another lived from predation and other was exceedingly dirty and filthy, odious vices to the Chibchas, with whom no one had affinities of any kind. The author has not read the primitive Chronicles, because otherwise you would have seen that none of them said that the language of this town, the more civilized of the new Kingdom, was the general of all provinces. It should be some citations.

We read in the Epitome of the conquest, when they already passed the discoverers the sierras de OPON, parescio have arrived where wanted and entendiose then the conquest of that land, although blind, not knowing in the land where they were, and also because languages with what understood with the Indians already there were none, because the tongue of the Rio Grande was not spoken in the sierrasin the mountains or in the new Kingdom is spoken. Oviedo, Castellanos and Herrera confirm this assertion. Father Simon says that the Spaniards suffered much the principles with the wrong expert languages, and adds that some pigs that had been left that came out of Santa Marta, being already ladinas in our language, and learning with ease from the Bogotaes, or chibchas; the most common treatment had with some flies Indies who came from great friendship to our left very good lenguaraces in both languages, Castilian and fly, which were not of little importance to from there forward follow interpreters in things that were offered with the Indians. .

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