Nov 23 2018

Netherlands Community

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Of course inform We also comprehensively about all offers of our homes, says IDA Knecht, head of home of the House of Maria Regina. For example, about the concept of the living groups of old people’s homes. Thus, one wants to gently encourage independence by dependent seniors maintain quality of life. This is made possible through life and experience in community and activating care. Also the inhabitants can bring a lot of furniture and objects, you have grown fond. Familiar should remain and memories of a life that brings every single inhabitant, should be kept.

In close contact with the members we know exactly our residents. The people, we can offer not only a skilled care, but also proximity, comfort and the feeling of home, explains Andreas Waldron. A whole new form of housing provides the community with outpatient care for seniors the St. Francis House in Oelde. Information for this purpose are also near Beckum is booming! presented. This offer want to create as much space. When seniors in your own four walls no longer feel good, can they still even actively shape their lives. At the same time an outpatient care services available to guests regularly.

I think the theme of loving care in the age is really interesting for everyone. Near Beckum is booming the houses offer the SMMP is a great way to to comprehensively inform, says Annette Longinus Nordhorn, House Manager of the St. Francis House finally. The houses of the SMMP is present within the framework of the C.E.M.M GmbH Caritas social stations. Besides the SMMP, the Caritas Association in the district Decanal Warendorf e. V., the Marienhospital, Oelde, and St. Elisabeth hospital, Beckum are partners here. Contact information Seniorenheim St Josef Andreas Waldron Setup Guide of Diestedder str. 4 59329 wader lane 920275 company portrait of the Sisters of Saint Maria Magdalene Postel (SMMP) feel their until today the motto Committed founder: the youth form, poor support and efforts to alleviate suffering. This applies in pastoral work, in educational institutions, the senior help or clinics and occupational practices of the SMMP. The German branch of the community was founded over 200 years ago and is active now in Brazil, Bolivia, the Netherlands, Romania and Mozambique. Around the globe, 400 nuns belong to him. The Sisters of the Holy 3,500 staff members and employees deal with Maria Magdalena Postel in Germany alone. The Generalate of the independent German branch of the SMMP is located in the Mountain Monastery of Holy City in Thuringia, Germany.

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