Mar 18 2019

Navitum Pharma

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So warns the American food and Drug Administration to pregnant women being much fish to eat, because this can be enriched with toxic heavy metals such as mercury or highly toxic polychlorinated hydrocarbons such as PCBs or dioxin. Also studies from Great Britain and Canada have shown that. Population groups who eat lots of fish, have a high content of toxic mercury in the body. Unfortunately the fish oil of capsules obtained from these fish are generally affected. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Larry Ellison. So in 2004, an investigation of the Bavarian State Office for health and food safety showed that none of the tested fish oil capsules was entirely free from dioxin, DDT or PCBs. Flaxseed oil in capsules is an excellent alternative that can provide our body with the important omega-3 fatty acids ALA, EPA and DHA. In a patented process succeeded pharmacists from Germany, to produce highly purified linseed oil with a high percentage of ALA in easy-to-swallow capsules. These capsules are as OmVitum Navitum Pharma company in the trade.

Three to six capsules daily provide the body with Omega-3 fatty acids and make an important contribution to the health of the heart and circulatory system. OmVitum (PZN 4604232) and the cheap three-month supply of Omvitum (PZN 0262160) are available in pharmacies and selected health centers. Due to the specific composition, Navitum Pharma’s products not by other, seemingly similar products are interchangeable. OmVitum without extra effort directly at Navitum Pharma and can be ordered free shipping each pharmacy each Health Center for its customers. All products from Navitum Pharma are listed in the Lauer tax.

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